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You might be thinking:

Your event dates only stretch a short while into 2020. Why is that?

The short answer is this.

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3 Minute Read

This building in Huntingdon Street, Nottingham - built in 1939 by Barton Transport (whose roots go back to the orignial bus business set up in 1908) - was planned to be carefully dismantled, transported and rebuilt at the Chilwell Headquarters, eventually replacing some of the garages there. It would ideally act as a fitting, long-lasting legacy to the company, a memorial to its founder as well as being a genuine, Barton building retrofitted for events and new uses hopefully to continue into the future.

The plans to carefully dismantle and relocate this Barton owned building, due to start on the 21st of August 2019, were put on hold when Historic England and Nottingham City Council worked covertly over just a few days to get the building Grade II listed, which occurred just 5 days before work was meant to begin. Historic England recommended the listing without once mentioning or consulting Bartons plc about their plan to save the building, while claiming the building was under threat of imminent demolition.

In fact, the publicly available information was that the building was being dismantled with care and relocated to another site by its owners, not demolished or “torn down”. It was being saved with great love, having had no formal interest or enquiry by historians ever, and it was being saved by the company that built it, no less.

This has held up a wonderfully respectful plan that encourages coherent heritage and community driven regeneration, something Historic England claim they want to see, with no explanation given.


Why is it important?


It also puts a roadblock in the way of any long-term planning for events in Chilwell, something we are truly passionate about and would love to continue for years to come.

To find out more and to follow this bizarre story, please follow @bartonsplc on twitter or check out their website www.bartonsplc.co.uk

They have started to release more information about how this mysterious listing came about, and we think you may be shocked by what has been going on behind closed doors.

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